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District Farrukhabad is in existence since Ramayan and Mahabharat period and is situated of the bank of Ganga. The name Farrukhabad is has been given on the name of King of Delhi, Farrukhashier (1713-1719 AD). The first Nawab of this district, Mohammad Khan Bangash (1713-1743 A.D.) has named the district to please the Delhi King.

Nagar Palika Parishad, Farrukhabad, is the top Nagar Palika, which was formed on 28th June, 1916 and extension of area was specified in 1972. Population of the district in 1901 was 67,338, in 1911 it was 59,647, in 1921 it was 51,567, in 1931 it became 56,503, in 1941 it was 59,580, in 1951 it was 74,205, in 1961 it was 87,793, in 1971 it was 1,02,768, in 1981 it was 1,45,793, in 1991 it was 1,94,657 and in 2001 it was 2,28,333 and as per 2011 census the population is 2,76,581 and the number of slum is 76 and the area under Palika is 19.11 Square KM., under which 42 wards are covered. List of currently appointed chairman/councilors is attached, herewith.

With the point of view of business, Farrukhabad is specialized for potato production and printing business in handicraft/hand arts and Zardozi (Zari) businesses. Products prepared by citizen of Farrukhabad, are exported to other states and countries too and Namkeen, Gajak and Revdi of Farrukhabad are famous worldwide.

From religious point of view, here in Farrukhabad Gurugaon Devi Mandir of Dronacharya, Pandeshvar Nath Mandir reminds the memories of Mahabharat Era and beside this tomb of Mughal Ruler, Nawab Mohammad Khan Bangas and tomb of other Mughal ruler are also situated here, which are known as Nawab tombs. District still feels proud with the participation of citizen of Farrukhabad in freedom fighting. The great pot Mahadevi Verma was born in Farrukhabad, whose statue is situated on the way to Railway Road Farrukhabad, near Patel Park. Every year from 16th December to 31st December Farrukhabad Festival is being organized in Patel Park. Every year in the month of January (for one month), on Panchal Ghat, on bank of Ganga, which is situated 4 K.M. away from boundary of Palika Parishad, Ramnagariya Festival is being organized, in which devotees and monks from around the countries take participation and take the holy dip in Ganga and worship their God. Beside this people from other cities and states also come here and participate in and organize the cultural programs.

Smt. Rashmi Bharti
Executive Officer
NPP Farrukhabad
(Vatsala Agarwal)
NPP Farrukhabad